Thursday, 28 January 2016

Huawei Honor 5X cracks a better deal over LG Nexus 5X

Just few months back, LG came out with Nexus 5X that was released at about USD379, however, currently, they have cut down the cost to USD349. The highlight of the device was of course the fact that LG collaborated with Google to give the latest and updated Android device. The device had its own pros and cons and since then we have been wondering if anything, better can be delivered at a much more customer friendly price. Now, that Huawei has released Honor 5X for USD199 in US, Nexus 5X may have to cut down its price further to keep par.

With a 5.5 Inch screen, Huawei Honor 5X is a little bigger and heavier device with 151.30 x 76.30 x 8.15mm and 158g, while LG Nexus 5X measures 147.0 x72.6 x 7.9 mm and weighs about 136 g. However, LG Nexus 5X only gives a 5.2 Inch screen, so is relatively thinner and has a plastic body, hence lighter than Honor 5X, which comes in a full metal body. Overall in design, Honor 5X definitely steals the show with a metal body. In terms of display quality, despite the different screen sizes, both the devices give the same resolution, i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels. Hence we are expecting Nexus 5X to give a slightly better display, though the pixel density of Honor 5X is yet not out.

In terms of performance, despite the lower cores in Nexus 5X, many would still go by the hardware and algorithm quality offered by LG over Huawei. However, if we go by the specifications, Honor 5X would definitely guarantee a smoother performance with an Octa core processor at 1.2GHz clock speed. While Nexus 5X comes with an older chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, that runs at 1.8GHz, with Hexa Cores. Honor 5X comes with the more latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 616.

In terms of software, Nexus 5X is updated to the latest Android Marshmallow and Honor 5X offers Android Lollipop. Honor also features its UI, EMUI3.1. On the memory front, both Honor 5X and Nexus 5X offer the same memory combination of 2GB RAM with 16GB internal storage or ROM. However, Honor 5X steals the show with an option for expandable memory, something that Nexus 5X surprisingly misses out despite having a better software, which should need more memory back up. Considering that 16GB is nothing much these days, many opt for the 32GB variant; Honor 5X offers expandable memory up to 128GB. Even on battery power, Huawei is a notch up with 3000mAh battery power over the 2,700mAh that LG offers. In camera, both the devices have the same 5MP front camera, while on the rear snapper, Honor 5X sports a higher 13MP over Nexus’s 8MP.

Overall, we can see that both Honor 5X and Nexus 5X offer comparable hardwares with a slight cost margin. However, Huawei has definitely cracked a better deal for the smartphone consumers by offering even better technology at a lower cost. It offers a full metal body device that has more engines and a higher battery back up and the camera. Most importantly, it offers an expandable memory option over Nexus 5X. While Nexus 5X still holds a stand because of the latest Android update it offers.


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